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Hello Party People!

My name is Petrie and I am so delighted to welcome you to my new website and online store for Glitz & Glazz - Party Co.

I have so much joy and experience to offer my Party Co. customers with over 12 years experience working as a Preschool teacher and children's entertainer for high end brands and clients. I am passionate about substance and presentation in all that I do and can guarantee that all of these beautiful products are lovingly handmade to the highest standard.

My mission is to spread sparkle, creativity and eco consciousness throughout the world whilst making your job as a caregiver easier through meaningful play opportunities and resources.

As well as creating fabulous products that are environmentally friendly and eco conscious, I believe in contributing positively to my local community of artists and eco-warriors and ensure that 10% of profits from my Party Co. products goes directly to charities.

If you’re a Sydney local like me and in need of a kids entertainer, face painter or  make-up artist, then please get in touch via email or my online contact form. You can reach me at hello@glitzandglazz.com


Eco Doh

Eco Doh is a 100% natural play dough that is wonderful for stimulating sensory play!

Eco Doh is made in Sydney, Australia by Glitz & Glazz, a small family-run business which creates eco-friendly party products and supplies for kids. 

This brightly coloured, soft and pliable dough is handmade using all-natural ingredients and scented with organic essential oils & fragrance oils that are suitable for sensitive skin.

We stock a large range of colours such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, brown & natural with pastel, neon and two tone variations in each colour.

While the ingredients are vegan, food safe and non-toxic, Eco Doh is not intended as a food product.

  • PACKAGING : Comes in reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging
  • INCLUDES : 4-oz. metal containers or compostable bio-cling film, sprinkle of Eco Glitter
  • INGREDIENTS : Non-GMO flour, Australian salt, cream of tartar, organic coconut oil, organic essential oil or fragrance oil, water, and organic plant based pigments (natural food dyes)
  • ORIGIN : Made in Sydney, Australia
  • GIFT BAG : are available for this product

Eco Glitter

Eco Glitter is a new innovation in cosmetic effect pigments. A new glitter produced from cosmetically approved materials that addresses the environmental micro plastic issues associated with polyester glitter.

Glitz & Glazz Eco Glitter is produced from a special biodegradable regenerated cellulose film (Eucalyptus to be specific) which is derived from renewable raw materials, responsibly and environmentally sourced to PECF standards. It does not contain genetically modified materials or materials obtained from genetically modified organisms. The heavy metal content of our Eco Glitter is very low and fully complies with cosmetic requirements. It has the added benefit of being antimony free as no antimony is used in the production process.

Eco Glitter incorporates specially selected ingredients and pigments that meet the requirements of EC Regulation 1223/2009 and FDA Title 21 CFR Regulations for applications in the cosmetic industry, enabling Eco Glitter to comply with cosmetic regulations around the world.

Eco Glitter is precision cut and highly reflective making it indistinguishable from cosmetic polyester glitter. It comes in all sizes from super fine  for a more subtle look to super chunky for all those Drama Kings and Queens out there. We use it liberally in our Sydney parties and ship Australia wide.

Normal plastic based glitter is known as a micro-plastic which NEVER goes away and is responsible for killing the environment and it's inhabitants, particularly in oceans and waterways. The size of micro-plastic allows it to be ingested by tiny animals and lifeforms and carries on up the food chain causing more and more damage as it goes. 

Cutting out single use plastic is the key to actively contributing to this environmental crisis and to creating an ECO CONSCIOUS lifestyle with the help of Eco Glitter.

Plastic glitter is also a lot harder on the skin than Eco Glitter and contains high levels of heavy metals such as antimony.

Our Eco Glitter is 40% softer than normal glitter and just as sparkly which is much more suitable for kids face painting.

All of our Glitter is compostable, organic, vegan and cruelty free.

Glitz & Glazz is a member of Plastic Oceans Foundation and donates 10% of profits to charities including;

  • Sea Shepherd
  • Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary
  • Take 3 For The Sea

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